Quick selection of frequent options
Phone Users
Suggestions for phone users
Operation Sequence Overview & Help
Very important to read and understand how system works.
Registration is required only once for each club the member wishes to join.
Alter Member Details
Change email or password.
Once registered, the member is able to Logon using password provided at registration.
Join Club
May join additional clubs.
View Available Comps
See current comps.
Upload Photos for Comp
Photos are entered in selected competition.
Delete / Alter Photo Details
Change description of photo or remove
Reassign Photos
Enter existing photos in different comp.
View Comp Entries
Check out the entries.
Vote for winners in competition.
View Comp Results
Results are shown by voter and photo.
View Leader Board
Checkout the Winners
Photo Gallery
View all photos YOUR club.
Photo Gallery
View all photos ALL clubs.
Club Page
Other options here.
Enter Profile Text
Create member profile
Upload Profile Photo
Add photo to member profile.
View Profiles
See profiles of membersition.
Chat Room
Communicate with other members.
View Chat Entries
View all chat communications.
Leave & view feedback.
Trading Post
Buy, sell, swap, services.
Photo Finder
Find photo - contact photographer.
View Foundation Members
Original club members.
Create Club
Members may create a new club that other members can join. This would normally be done in consultation with an existing non-online club so that these members would have their own club on line.
Set Comp Dates
Set club competition dates etc.