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Tutorial - page 1 The HOME Page

Description The HOME page offers access to all functions available on the system. There are two panels - the main panel and a side panel to the left. At the top of the screen are links to the 'Tutorial', 'Overview', 'Register', 'Logon' routines as well as the 'Logoff' button which should be clicked to end your session. Below that is a graphic link to the user registration page. To the right is another graphic link to the Logon page. When logging onto the 'onlinecameraclubs.com' site, the HOME page displays.
Initially there is a flashing red notice in the centre of the screen advising the user they

Below this are several panels of information about the system. At the bottom of the page is a 'Notes' area where a quote is initially displayed. This quote is replaced by any error messages generated by incorrect use of the system.

Join a Club To access any of the system functions you MUST register as a member and become a member of a club. Click either on the 'Register' link at top of the page or on the graphical link (the photo at top of screen), agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' and provide the details required to become a member. You will be emailed a verification code and once entered, you will automatically become a menber of the 'Original Developers Club' and be automatically logged on. Once logged on the member name displays in this area.
Logging on You only need to register once to become a nember. Once you have completed registering, you log onto the system by clicking either on the 'Logon' link at top of page, flashing 'MUST LOG ON TO ACCESS OPTIONS' message or on the graphical link (photo on right of screen) to go to the 'Logon' page. Here you use the nickname and password supplied at registration to logon. Select which competition Open Subject or Set Subject. Click on 'Submit'. A screen will be displayed showing your logon name and the club that you are currently logged onto. Click on 'CONTINUE' and the full system option menu will be displayed in the side panel. You may access the 'Quick Menu' from the top of the side panel.
The Side Panel The side panel offers access to all functions. They are displayed in the sequence required to be followed to enter competitions, vote and review competition results.
The Quick Menu can be accessed from the side panel. The options there simplify voting and viewing results by defaulting to the required competition for current competition voting and viewing.