Status Available from Penguin Creek Gallery

Description This is a fully working model lock. It is made of Tasmanian timbers and is of all wooden construction (including the locking mechanism) except for the hinge pin which is a steel bolt.

Serial No 0217 7 Series 300

Construction Body consists of three layers. Front layer is blackwood - silky oak - blackwood as is the rear layer. Central layer is macracarpra. The hasp is a lamination of two layers - silky oak and blackwood with grain running at right angles to give extra strength. The escutcheon for key entry is myrtle and key itself is blackwood as is the internal mechanism. The base of the stand is blackwood.

Finish The lock is finished in two coats of Scandinavian Oil plus a coat of wax polish.

To Open Insert key into lock and turn clockwise. Do not try to open past first resistance.

To Close Ensure key is turned fully anti-clockwise and push hasp into the lock.

Taking care of your lock Wipe over with a clean dry cloth. If finish ever needs rejuvenating, apply a light coat of wax polish and polish with dry cloth. The body of the lock is extremely sturdy. However if the lock is dropped onto a hard surface the hasp may be damaged or broken. Avoid carrying the lock by the hasp - pick lock up by the body. The lock is designed so that the hasp may be removed if necessary for repair or replacement. With proper care this lock should last at least a lifetime.