Two Ring Puzzle

Item No P2R Series 10

Design Two rings are each in a seperate loop of rope. The trick is to get both rings on the same loop without cutting the rope. The next trick is to get them back onto seperate loops again. The puzzle is hand made in Tasmania using natural Tasmanian timbers such as blackwood and celery top pine.

Finish There are no coloured wood stains used - only oil . The pieces are finished in two coats of Scandinavian Oil. .

Dimensions The individual puzzles vary in size and also in the wood used to manufacture them.

Taking care of your puzzle Wipe pieces over with clean dry cloth. If finish ever needs rejuvenating, apply light coat of Scandinavian oil and polish with dry cloth. Keep dry. Over time the colour of the timber will change - this is normal. With proper care this puzzle should last at least a lifetime.

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