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Take Note! These routines were designed to be run on a computer and can be less than perfect with some tablets and mobile phones. try it to see if YOUR tablet or phone works OK

You may use these crosswords for your sole amusement. They are all copyright by barryjudd.com and may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever. They may be copied by making a screen print for the purposes of solving by yourself. You may NOT give them to any other person or use in any manner for financial gain. To share crosswords with other people, advise them to log onto barryjudd.com themselves. These crosswords are all original and are not available anywhere but on the barryjudd.com web site.


Be aware that the providers of this system are in NO WAY liable under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES for damages through the use of this program. Obviously you use it at your own risk.

Using the System
1. To solve crossword, first select 'clues'
2. Select type of clue (Normal or Cryptic)
3. Select id of crossword to solve
4. Click on 'Select' button
5. When crossword is displayed, use the 'Print' function of your browser to make a hard copy of the crossword.
6. When solving the crossword you may use the supplied Anagram Solver if necessary
7. As a final desperate measure you may use the supplied Word Finder to provide missing letters.
8. You may select Check Answers to verify individual words
9. Answers will list answers to all clues
10. To see how clues were generated select Explanations