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You are currently in Portfolio Competition
Current Competition : Winter / Various aspects of winter
Ending Date : 30 / 06 / 21
View all future Portfolio Competitions available to enter.
record for each competition.
1 's Folio Page Upload images to Folio Page. You may load up to 100 images to this page. You make your selection of five images from this page to upload to the Portfolio Competition. You may have images here that you have previously entered in the normal open or fixed subject competitions but it is best to give the image file a different name. CAUTION! Exiting uploading routine can take you back to your normal portfolio page. Do NOT reassign Portfolio Competition entries from that page. They will go into the normal set or open subject competition.
2Reassign ImagesReassign images from your portfolio page to Portfolio Competition. Each member is allowed only ONE portfolio of FIVE images per competition. CAUTION! Ensure that you reassign images to Portfolio Competition from this option selection.
3Alter / RemoveAlter entry caption of image already entered in Portfolio Competition or Remove from Portfolio Competition. If image is removed from Portfolio Competition it is returned to your Portfolio page. You CANNOT remove images from Portfolio Competition if competition has closed.
4View EntriesView the current Portfolio Competition Entries for Competition that is still open for entries. For competitions CLOSED for ENTRIES BUT VOTING still OPEN - See below
. Individual images may be enlarged for better evaluation prior to voting.
5VoteVote in currently closed Portfolio Competition. You must pick five portfolios in order of First, Second, Third and two Highly commendeds. 8 points are awarded for First, 5 for Second, 3 for Third and 2 for each Highly Commended. You vote for the portfolio as a group of images - NOT for individual images.
6View old CompsView competitions where ENTRIES are CLOSED but VOTING NOT YET COMPLETED here by seelcting competition number
View Portfolio Entries in Past Competitions. Portfolios are displayed in order of votes received. The results of most recently finalised competition are displayed here.
7Who VotedView voting record for each competition.
8LeaderBoardView leader board positions.