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' Folio Page Tutorial - page 2 Upload Images to Your Folio

Uploading images to your Folio page is DIFFERENT to uploading images to a Competition.
Restrictions on images able to be uploaded Images that are not .jpg or .jpeg and are larger than 2000Kb (2MB) will generate an error and will NOT be uploaded.
Select the menu option from the 's Member Folio Page The image of the most recently uploaded photo is displayed below the data entry boxes.
The category to be selected from the drop down option box is the category which best fits the photo. Any appropriate details about the photo can be entered in the large text box. This caption will be displayed with the image.
Select the image to upload in the Filename / Browse box. Once the image is selected, click on the Upload button. If upload is successful, the image of the uploaded photo will display.
Reason for failure to upload. Photos will be rejected and error message displayed for following reasons -

This upload routine is used to upload images for Portfolio Competitions Go to 's Folio Page now