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Upcoming Competitions
There are also 'Any Subject' competitions with same 'Closing Dates' as below
You must be a member of the club to enter their competitions
Club Week Closing Subject Notes
International Photographers Group 18 30/09/2020 Motion Any object in motion - slow or fast
International Photographers Group 19 15/10/2020 Cold Image conveying feeling of cold
International Photographers Group 20 30/10/2020 Hot Image conveying feeling of heat
International Photographers Group 21 15/11/2020 Interior Interior of building or inside of any object
Victors Corona Virus Club 11 26/09/2020 Relics from the Past Any Subject, which from general knowledge or by visual impact, are known or seen to be old.
Victors Corona Virus Club 12 09/10/2020 Display Through a Shop Window A picture taken from outside a display window using available display lighting.
Victors Corona Virus Club 13 24/10/2020 Church Tower, Spire or Dome Tower, Spire or Dome should be the main subject of the image. Whole church should not be shown.
There are now Set Subject and Open Subject competitions running simultaneously in each competition week. You may now switch between competitions on Quick Menu and from most options selected from the Quick Menu.
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