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Upcoming Competitions
There are also 'Any Subject' competitions with same 'Closing Dates' as below
You must be a member of the club to enter their competitions
Club Year Week Closing Subject Notes
International Photographers Group 2020 22 30/11/2020 Lonely Image conveying feeling of loneliness
International Photographers Group 2020 23 15/12/2020 Repetition Image where something is repeated
International Photographers Group 2020 24 30/12/2020 Portrait - not group Human or animal. May optionally be up to full length
International Photographers Group 2021 01 15/01/2021 Sculpture Image of large or small sculpture
International Photographers Group 2021 02 30/01/2021 Soft focus Soft or out of focus image
International Photographers Group 2021 03 15/02/2021 Water sport People involved in water sport
International Photographers Group 2021 04 28/02/2021 Circles Image predominantly made up of circular objects
International Photographers Group 2021 05 15/03/2021 Signs of the Times Image of sign or billboard intentionally or not displaying a message of current times
Victors Corona Virus Club 2020 16 06/12/2020 Wharves & Shipping Wharf scene depicting either wharf or wharf and ship together. A ship refers to a large vessel
Victors Corona Virus Club 2020 17 20/12/2020 Abstract A composition Consisting of shapes. Natural or man made objects must not be readily recognisable.
Victors Corona Virus Club 2021 01 10/01/2021 Against the Light Capturing the Quality of Back Lighting
Victors Corona Virus Club 2021 02 24/01/2021 Angle Shot An image taken either from above or below the subject or taken to accentuate the subject
Victors Corona Virus Club 2021 03 07/02/2021 Humorous An image with a humorous or whimsical Tone. Humour to be in the image and not merely in the title
A very important change is being made to the scoring system to commence in 2021. As well as the normal scoring system of 8 points for winner, 5 points for second, 3 points for third, 2 points for highly commended, a further 10 points will be added to their Leader Board score when competition entrants vote. This is being implemented in an attempt to ensure that those who enter a competition actually vote in that competition. If an entrant fails to vote, their Leader Board score will be 10 points less than it could be.
For the scoring system to work properly all entrents need to vote. Details are as follows -
1. System commences with week 1 competition of 2021
2. Current score for voting remains as is
3. For the Whole Year When calculating Leader Board TOTAL, a check is made if member has voted in competitions in which they have entered, and if so, 10 points are added to Leader Board TOTAL for each time voted. The TOTAL points determine the Leader Board positions.
4. Voting points apply to both set and open subjects
5. Only one additional 10 points for voting is applied in each of open and set subjects regardless of if 1 or 2 entries are made in each of set and open competitions
6. Voting points apply in each competition week
7. Theoretically by the end of 2021 (24 competition weeks) voting points available to each member equal 240 points in each of set and open subjects
8. This should encourage members to ensure that they have voted correctly.

1. When you vote and click on 'submit', your placings are displayed BEFORE being recorded to enable you to verify that the image numbers entered are actually your intended placings. If they are correct, you MUST click on 'CONFIRM'. If placings shown are incorrect, you MUST click on 'REJECT' and re-enter your placings.
2. If your vote is recorded, a message indicating that your vote has been successfully recorded is displayed at top of screen. If however your vote has NOT been recorded, a message will be displayed at bottom of screen indicating WHY your vote has not been recorded and you should re-enter your vote.
1. You have given same image multiple placings (ie placed same image number in winner and highly commended)
2. You have voted for your own entry
3. You have entered the image number of an image that is not in this competition
4. You have already voted in this competition
5. You have not voted for all 5 positions
In all of these cases you may start voting again.

1. From the 'HOME' menu bar select 'Members' then 'Activity'.
2. Click on the 'submit' button
3. A table will display showing each occasion on which you have visited the voting module (voteComp)
4. The table shows a reference Id, the club you were in, your Member code, the Module, a Reference and the Date and Time.
5. If your vote was actually recorded, 'Voted' is displayed in the 'Ref' column.
6. Check the club and date for those entries where 'Voted' is displayed. The date must be within 7 days after the competition closing date. If there is no applicable entry, your vote has not yet been recorded.

I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, please record on the 'Feedback' page and I will reply.
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