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Terms & Conditions


This site is meant to be a bit of fun and NOT for use with highly valuable material. The user is aware that barryjudd.com is in NO WAY liable under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES for damages through the use of this program.


NO messages original, encrypted nor decrypted are stored on this site. Any messages sent by email to recipients are sent directly from the screen input and no messages are recorded. What is stored is a reference code (which is also embedded in the encrypted message) linking the message to the UNLOCK KEY provided by the user. In the case of REGISTERED USERS (there is NO COMPULSION to register) user information provided (NOT the message) IS recorded but is available to no one except the user. Any email addresses provided will NOT be provided to any third party and will only be used as required to deliver messages. No advertising material or the like will be sent by barryjudd.com to any email address provided.