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Take Note! These routines were designed to be run on a computer and can be less than perfect with some tablets and mobile phones. try it to see if YOUR tablet or phone works OK

Terms & Conditions for Use of Money Management and Retirement Calculation Routines
These routines do NOT and do NOT intend to provide financial advice but may be helpful in planning ahead.

This site is provided to be a helpful tool in both managing your money and in calculating your potential fortnightly income in a variety of circumstances. The retirement calculations in particular are provided as a rough guide only. Although most possibilities are taken into account, there is no guarantee that the results will actually be the outcome that you get. Many things will change over the period of the calculations and some of these changes may drastically impact on the actual results. The system tries to calculate up to twenty years ahead - think back twenty years and try to remember how your situation then compares with your situation now. However in spite of the limitations, this system can be a helpful guide.

Be aware that the providers of this system are in NO WAY liable under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES for damages through the use of this program. Obviously you use it at your own risk.

NO Retirement Calculation information you provide is actually stored on this site. In the case of REGISTERED USERS (there is NO COMPULSION to register with a valid email address) any email addresses provided will NOT be provided to any third party and will only be used as required to deliver forgotten passwords. No advertising material or the like will be sent to any email address provided.

It is highly recommended that after running these routines if you wish to make financial decisions you should consult a registered financial adviser who can make you aware of all possible consequences of your decisions.